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Extracts from B.P. Wadia Letters

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If you watch you will perceive that all the time within you is taking place a change. The main thing is to keep ourselves energized by right study and real devotion. The first illumines our intelligence, the second brings peace and power to the heart. Both must go together to be truly effective. Be fair and just to yourself and that is achieved by the spirit of self-sacrifice; the manifestation of this must be looked for in our steady, continuous and even attempt to live our best and highest, proceeding from within without. To be sacrificing spasmodically heightens our personality in our eyes, and we fancy we are somebody and say to ourselves, ”What a nice fellow I am to do this, or to have done that!” But, if we are evenly and continuously engaged in Work which is Theirs, or in Service which is our fellow men’s, we get little time to ruminate on ourselves; and in comparison to Their effort what is our puny attempt, and in the light of the intense anguish and suffering of millions of minds and hearts what, after all, is the bulk of our petty service? To live, to live, and continue to live the highest within the very core of our being is at once to live in the Eternal and to grow like the flower. All of us have to live and have to grow; if only we would realize that we are in the Eternal though we illusion ourselves by past memories and future anticipations, that we are growing like the rose albeit we foolishly draw the attention of the world to our thorns and look like a cactus! To be natural, to be spontaneous, to hold everything sacred, to see not only the good in all things but also the beautiful –  that is performing yoga, with objects in our environment, with people in our vicinity. Keep on trying therefore, and do not give way to that inner weariness which sometimes comes over you; but do not pay any attention to the fact that you are trying – only try. And as to weariness, why – do you remember those beautiful lines of Herbert’s, what God said of man at the creation of the latter?–

Yet let him keep the rest,
But keep them with repining restlessness;
Let him be rich and weary, that at least,
If goodness lead him not, yet weariness
May toss him to my breast.


The Theosophical Movement, April 1960, Vol 30, # 6, p 266.


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