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Extracts from B.P. Wadia Letters

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Outer influences do affect us more and more directly. We have to make a deliberate attempt to turn within and study is the first step; remembrance of the Inner World of Masters is the second. Then follow reflection on what is studied and meditation on the Masters. In the Heart is the Lotus – the spiritual Heart – and within that is the jewel – Manas, Buddhi, Atma. Manas is triple – I mean Higher Manas – and so is Buddhi, and so is Atma. It is a nine-petalled Lotus, so to speak, and the seed is the Jewel – Mani, a Diamond. Let the Lotus develop one petal after another – seven branches of knowledge, seven Paramitas, and for us they must evolve side by side. That inner work of gaining the inner wisdom of Compassion, which is peace and light, is your immediate task and these will begin to radiate without.

So, the inner life must go on. What after all are outer turmoils? Real to the brain and the sensations felt, but the Inner Man has to learn to rise above these. Tranquillity comes from within, turmoil from without. The latter we have to endure by adaptability. The pairs of opposites of the 12th Chapter of the Gita have to be seriously and sincerely considered. The world is ”too much with us” and tempts us to forget Heaven. Theosophy teaches us how to ascend to Heaven and we must do that.

The Theosophical Movement, March 1960, Vol 30, # 5, p 173.


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