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Extracts from B.P. Wadia Letters

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It is a good sign indeed that our students seemed anxious to know what we should do to deserve the help and guidance of the Masters. This is of fundamental importance. What is implicit in this particular piece of instruction in the Message of H.P.B. is not generally perceived. The giving of it cost her tremendously. It brought doubt and derision, but she did it, and it is the most vital teaching of her philosophy. When we see what it means, the accepted order of evolution from animal savagery to the present ”enlightened era” reverses. The existence of the Adept Fraternity; Their silent, secret but far-reaching influence; Their method of helping mankind; Their Line of Guruparampara; the establishment of the Path of Chelaship – these are not only of academic importance; they are valuable to us now and here and have a practical bearing on the dally handling of our own incarnated existence.

As to how the Masters and the Nirmanakayas help humanity: They are channels of the Most High, the Logos or the Word. Each one of Them is a Mantra unfolding from the single impartite Word. Ideation and Imagination are a combined power, which uses sound and colour and number-language, and Their created thought-images, idea-idols, built in and by Akasha, are concretized till this plane of gross matter is touched. Like the air, all of us breathe it, but our mortal and faulty constitution is not able to inhale, retain and absorb more of that ozone. This being so, They have the institution of Divine Incarnations. Using Their knowledge of time-cycles, They take bodies of flesh and blood and becorne like unto us, wearing mortal garments. They teach, and Their knowledge arouses us from the sleep of tamas and ignorance, and we benefit here. The greatest benefit is increase in our capacity to inhale and absorb that Akashic ozone.

Then, each of us proceeds from the general and the universal to the particular and the personal. Here is where our treading of the Path of Chelaship comes in. You are at this point. You are inhaling more of that ozone by study and effort at concentration in application. The Gracious Guru creates the inner chela. The Guru uses our substances and essences and by His Kriyashakti creates a new Being out of the old puny and mortal self. Of course we have to adopt exercises of silence and secrecy, ideation and imagination, work and worship – note the three pairs. Masters' work is with the masses and this work leads to work with persons and personalities who become ”listeners” to Their Wisdom and servants of the masses. They are Complete Beings; we are ”becoming.” Now you have begun to become transformed. May your light shine more in your brain and radiate through your eyes and hands and feet! Heart electricity manifests as personal radiation or magnetism. This is not fiction; it is fact. Thus in the mire and scum of the earth-pond a lotus begins to emerge.

When the disciple is ready the Master appears. You are preparing yourself. Secrecy and silence are important, ingredients in chela-life. How to hide oneself? By appearing ”as nothing in the eyes of men.” You need but to go on as you are doing and Karma will open the door. ”Great man is he who is strongest in the exercise of patience,” says the Mahatma K.H. The Blessed Ones help the devotee. One may not know how help comes, but it does come. Longingly yearning for the Holy Ones will one day bring you the glimmer of the Lords of Light. But to perceive and to enjoy that Light we must have within us, the spark of the Tathagata Light. Do not overlook that it is possible so, to purify the mind and elevate the heart that the Tathagata Light may be kindled by us now and here. If in our waking hours we are with Their Teachings, learning them or promulgating them; if we keep the company of those who love Them and are devoted to Them, we shall transform our sleeping and vision life and make it rich. It is in the Hall of Wisdom, says The Voice of the Silence, that the Master can be truly found. So it is in our heart consciousness that the influence and the inspiration will come. May you achieve and attain! Make Their existence real to you!

By elimination of what does not contain the Masters, by unfoldment, more and more, of what contains Them, we get nearer to Them. Can there be Masters in our anger? No. Therefore true devotion also cannot be there. Can we hear Their Voice when we are angry? Can we then create the face to visualize? No. Well, then, there can be no devotion. But, like Buddhi, yagna, etc., devotion also is tamasic, rajasic and sattvic, and it is by unfolding sattvic devotion that Masters are contacted. Pure or sattvic devotion has to be developed by study and by reflection. Devotion is the mother-virtue; it is sui generis in man. We can begin to give more and more to the Masters. But what offerings are acceptable to Them? How to make the offering? Light on the Path has some most valuable hints and aids and suggestions.

And are you sure that in your own inner being you are not familiar with your revered Master? Do we know of Self the powers? How little we know of the Inner Ruler and how much of the personality, engrossed as we are in its doings! It is the ”blessed mood” (recall Wordsworth) which we need to invoke –  the Mood of the Light of the True. The sacred feeling of Bhakti is broken and diffused into rajasic and tamasic devotion. ”He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me,” and also that seemingly terrible exclamation of Jesus to his mother, ”Woman, what have I to do with thee?” carry a profound truth in one-pointedness, in concentration – something we have as an innate idea. It was born in us with the lighting up of Manas. It is creative. You – the personal you – may not have seen or heard Master but try to feel Him and Them – ”the Master whom yet thou dost not see, but whom thou feelest,” says the Voice. But we have also to try to feel the presence of the Inner God, the Higher Manas, in us at the same time. ”Guru” is also the term used by chelas for the Inner Ruler. Knowledge of our true being and knowledge of Masters go hand in hand.

The Theosophical Movement, June 1960, Vol 30, # 10, p 392-93.


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