by Henry Geiger
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Each eight-page weekly issue of the MANAS Journal contained several short essays, crafted from a wide variety of sources, that reflected on the human condition. Written, edited, and published for 41 years by Henry Geiger, the MANAS Journal was the work of a lifetime that continues to grow in importance, credibility, and influence.

Perspectives on MANAS Journal

These three perspectives on MANAS and Henry Geiger tell the larger story behind the journal.
   ~Henry Geiger's
Foreword to the MANAS Reader provides a broad summary of the practical and philosophic roots of MANAS and articulates the value of "intelligent idealism" to a future still darkly unclear.
   ~Susan Witt's
MANAS and the E. F. Schumacher Society recalls the delight of recieving MANAS in the weekly mail and explains the current effort to keep MANAS accessible in a digital age.
   ~Richard Grossman's
A Man and His Paper sketches the unassuming character of Henry Geiger and the other unique personalities behind the creation of MANAS.


















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