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The Nature and work
United Lodge of Theosophists

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To understand the nature and work of THE UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS we must see that Theosophy is in the world to present the means by which each one can acquire knowledge for himself. Its study and application call forth the judgment and discrimination latent in the man himself. Also we must recognize that Truth is not a man, nor a book, nor a statements. The nature of Truth is universal; its possessors in any degree will be found to be appliers of universality in thought, speech and action. Their efforts will be for humanity without distinctions. They will never be found among those claiming to be the chosen spokesmen of the Deity – and expecting homage, obedience or Conformity from others, for those who make any such claims are taking the first step towards priestcraft and dictatorship.

The value and aid of the Theosophical Society in the great Work of the Theosophical Movement will be just what its student workers and Associates make them by their motive, judgment and conduct. It is the effort and the sacrifice that bring the ultimate results.

It must also be recognized that Theosophy is for those who want it. Associates of the United Lodge of Theosophists are to hold, wait and work for those few earnest souls who will grasp the plan and further the Cause. Many people have their ears so dulled, or their attention so diverted, that no number of repetitions can reach them – yet Theosophy must be held out continually for all who will listen. That is the self-assumed work of student-associates; we have our example in H.P.Blavatsky and W.Q.Judge as to means, method and manner: let us imitate them. It is to Theosophy that attention has to be called.

In spite of misuse of the name, Theosophy itself is untouched. The work of the ULT is to keep the Message pure as it was delivered by H.P.Blavatsky, and to do this for the sake of others who can be helped. Theosophy pure and simple is the standard by which efforts may be applied and errors combated. So, it must always be kept in evidence as the source of all right effort. Theosophy gives the knowledge of the principles that should guide its students in their private and public work. We should also be able to find explicit directions – explicit in the sense that Theosophy points the way clearly how best to serve our fellows. So it is good to search out and make available to all those quotations from the Teachers' writings which will show their interest. If such could not be found one might have grave doubts as to the course to be pursued. If we can throw a clearer light on the intent it will be good for all.
We cannot and should not prevent others from using the U.L.T. DECLARATION. If other Centers are begun and those beginning them have the right spirit, they will want to be in close touch with the rest. We have not only the duty of promulgation, but of safeguarding, as far as possible, the spirit of the DECLARATION. Growth of the Movement should be and will be slow, but it cannot be kept confined and still be growth.

The purpose of the U.L.T. is to draw attention to the Teachers and the Teachings of Theosophy. Hence it does well to maintain its impersonality. Its aim, scope and purpose are shown in its DECLARATION which also shows itself to be directly in line with the Teachers and the Teachings and the original lines down. If the Teachings are studied, its policy followed, practical amplification will come of itself.

The work of the U.L.T., the knowledge it has to give out, depends on none others than the true Teachers, H.P.Blavatsky and W.Q.Judge. Associates look to them and the Masters whom they served for guidance and direction. Nothing but this can maintain the Movement. Unity on this right basis is the keynote of the U.L.T.'s attempts. Living persons, if made prominent, will detract from that attempt and may be attacked to the injury of, the Movement. Theosophy does not emanate from any society or from any living persons....

People need to grasp the Message of Theosophy for itself not because of belief in any person or Organization.

Our difficult task is to avoid all semblance of authority of any kind, while at the same time being sure of our ground and not afraid to say so. Everyone must be given an opportunity, to see for himself that our policy is well founded.

This is an age of transition and our work in the U.L.T. is to hark back to first principles, promulgate and sustain them as best we can, so that they shall be ready for those who need them, drawing inspiration from the Message and the Messenger.

The U.L.T. has undertaken a high mission and a heavy task, because the need for it is seen and no others seem to do it. It is known by its associate-students that none others will do it. Points must be made so clear and striking that they cannot be passed over, that they shall stand as facts, and facts only, before the mind, verifiable by any who care to do so.

The U.L.T. does not draw attention to itself or its associates, but to the principles that it holds as a body. The DECLARATION is a summation of the stand that all true student of U.L.T. should take – toward work, and toward each other. Tolerance does not mean ”fraternizing” with all who demand it; it simply means that no one is condemned for his opinions. U.L.T. students may not choose to spend time and energy in some directions, which is their privilege.

What are the claims of U.L.T.? – none at all. It points to the immemorial Message of Theosophy and the Messenger, to her enunciation of the work and the carrying on of the latter in accordance with the lines laid down – this is the U.L.T.'s self assumed task. The position is unique and unassailable in that it makes no claim to any other authority than the Message and the Messenger. So, it is an internal recognition of the value of what flows through a given point, focus or individual, that determines the loyalty of the Lodge as a body and the students that compose it. This is the authority of one's self-determination, intuition the highest intellection. This means no slavish following of any person, but doing what W.Q. Judge did: follow the lines laid down by H.P.Blavatsky, regardless of any others.

What all need is an intelligent devotion to the Master's Cause, which involves the subservience and control of the personal self. It is always personal divagations that throw students off the Philosophy and ”the straight and narrow path.” We have to go ahead doing what seems right in every varying circumstances, and that is where discrimination comes in.

What has been the root of the divisions that have disrupted the Theosophical Society that H.P.Blavatsky left? Personalities every time. What is the corrective of personality ? Nothing less than Impersonality, which seeks nothing for itself and everything for the Cause of Theosophy pure and simple. There is no worldly fame, glory or profit in such a course, yet it, and it alone, removes every obstacle that might intervene between Theosophy and those who desire to study and apply it on its own merits. Therefore is the U.L.T. conducted anonymously. Truth is not dependent on the one who utters it. The world has gone mad on personalities; can it be made sane by glossing over the madness or pleading expediency ?

It is true that United Lodge of Theosophists necessarily centres around those most active in it but they could do nothing if history, evidence and energies were not in the lines taken. So those lines of direction are the things to be seen and known and to be pointed to. The strength shown by any associate-worker is not that of the personality, which has none of itself, but it lies in the words, the ideas, the conviction of the truth held in the inner man.

The place of the U.L.T. in the great Work of the Movement is clear to any who will take the trouble to study the history of the Movement and the philosophy. This place, called the United Lodge of Theosophists, is being held for those who have the good Karma to contact it. Knowledge of the U.L.T. DECLARATION should be spread and made known to every searcher for Truth.

If anyone desires to be a Theosophist let him study Theosophy as it was given by the one who enunciated it. For one to accept as true what anyone chooses to tell him, without any means given him by which to verify the statements made or without himself verifying the facts alleged, is simply to believe on blind faith – as do so many in the world.

Theosophy pure and simple is the great unifier. The more the students study and apply Theosophy, the better will they see for themselves the parts played by the various persons and personages in the Movement. When questions are asked and when occasion compels it, plain statements of fact have to be made, but in defence of Theosophy – not in condemnation of any person. This is the key to a right attitude in all cases presented by Theosophical history, made or in the making.

The DECLARATION of the U.L.T. affords a basis for unity – t does not present a theory, it is an application and a carrying out of the spirit of the Messenger. Our work is to call attention to the true basis for union among Theosophists–and at the same time to set the example.

The ”basis for union” is purposely left undefined in the U.L.T. DECLARATION from the exoteric and personal point of view in order to make more prominent the true and lasting basis for unity among all who call themselves Theosophists. The U.L.T. must be conducted so that it will never drift into any kind of a controlling force. This can always be avoided and guarded against by continual reiteration and application of the principle of Union, that ”mental control” of any kind is contrary to the letter and spirit of the DECLARATION, and that, while Lodges and individuals may seek information, advice and suggestions, they are not in any way bound in so doing. Those who are true to this principle will always remain in Union, even on agreement to differ, if the older students take the position and set the example themselves.

The less experienced need guidance, not leadership. Student- workers, if they would follow the one safe, true and royal road, have to forget persons and leaders and attend to principles, and show loyalty to those who gave them. If we are loyal to H.P.Blavatsky and W.Q.Judge and what they stand for we shall not run after leaders. Warnings, where we see danger, are always in order and it is part of our duty to warn – not in antagonism to anything but those errors and wrong practices which bring injurious results. We can set the example of examining anything on its merits, and then presenting in contrast the Theosophical view, which accords with Nature as a whole.

So the effort should be to get those interested to participate, to associate themselves with the Work and share in its responsibility. Every method has to be tried, but without making the line too hard and fast. The main work is to convey ideas.

Mere attendance at meetings is not enough to make one feel one with the Work. When those who attend begin to ask questions it shows they want further understanding. As one participates one develops – but none must be allowed to forget the object of gaining knowledge. The object of Theosophical study and work is that one shall become a true helper of humanity. Nothing should be forced but response should be made to everything.

Never at any time should any policy or practice degenerate into hard and fast conclusions as to men, things or methods of work. If we stand true and steadfast as to aim, purpose and teaching, all necessary arrangements will shape themselves. We have but to keep continually in mind and heart the original lines laid down by H.P.Blavatsky and W.Q.Judge Unity first, as a focus for spiritual growth and mental strength; Study, that a knowledge of the Movement, its purpose, the Teachers and the Message may be had; Work upon ourselves in the light of our study and for others continually. There should be more and more coming in closer-new units in the body of workers.
The Messenger has left all that is necessary in the way of direction. It is for us to apply the right time and in the right place. Some may think this is discouraging; many look for ”orders and instructions” in ways and means. Even if possible these would do no good, for if directed in everything, how could there be growth in discrimination, judgment and power ? The Wise Ones help by adjustment rather than direction. Some think in effect: ”The Masters will do everything.” All such are bound to go wrong, by not considering what is the right thing in the right way by not using all the power they have to determine the right procedure and conduct. We trust the great Lodge and the Law but use the powers we have to the best of our ability.

We have to think at all times and of the future. If others are not helped and trained to take hold, to share in the work and its responsibilities, then, should anything happen to the elders, the Work would suffer. Study and preparation on the part of beginners will alone make them good and efficient propagandists. In endeavoring to aid them, it is essential to encourage their own initiative as much as possible, the more experienced student workers suggesting and adjusting when and where necessary.

A further part of the work of U.L.T. is to convey the information that the opportunity to understand and apply Theosophy comes under Karma to the very few, not because it is withheld from any one, but because most people's prevailing tendencies do not leave their minds open to the consideration of what are to them new truths or enable them to take advantage of the ways and means afforded them. It is both wise and necessary to have a good comprehension of ways and means, of the processes of dealing with other minds, that they and we may learn the rules of soul warfare, the duties, individual and collective, of the incarnated Ego, the ”warrior.” We are Karma for we are the cause of all we do. The trouble is that we do not realize the extent to which the causes go which we set in motion, either for good or evil.

Such an effort as U.L.T. is needed in the world.

All attacks upon Theosophy and Theosophical work have been directed at those who have been looked upon as the directors of the Movement, never upon the Philosophy. The U.L.T. is planned to discount this as much as possible by keeping personalities in the background. People can choose between the U.L.T.'s impersonal method and work, which directs attention to the Messenger, H.P.Blavatsky, and the Message, Theosophy, and the work of those who call attention to themselves by hoisting themselves upon what the Messenger left for the world .... People get into tight places right along by blindly following ”advices” instead of using their own discrimination.

All sincere students are surrounded by an ”invisible escort” as long as their faces are set toward the Goal and they remain staunch to Masters' programme. Masters neither push, pull nor hinder voluntary action. To do so would be to prevent true self-reliance. For this reason some may think that Masters have deserted them, or do not see or hear them; but this is the worst conception that could be. It belittles Them and implies ignorance and ingratitude on Their part. They have spoken clearly of Their nearness to all those who ”try and ever keep trying.”

Modern science and psychology, and all efforts based on them, fail-for the reason that they do not assume or admit that full and true knowledge exists. If Western science and psychology would continue their painstaking efforts in the light of Theosophy the spiritual and intellectual darkness of the world would soon be overcome and a civilization brought to birth that would best express a true physical life. The real point of issue is the divine nature in man. The real basis of the work of the U.L.T. is to impress the fact of man's essential divinity on those who come in contact with it. A right philosophy is desperately needed by the world today. Without this, strength and special faculties are useless because misapplied. Theosophy is not merely words, it is Life, and this includes all things, all planes and beings. To have Brotherhood among the many, it must first be realized among the few,and the basis of brotherhood is the divinity inherent in all men.


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