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Point out the Way

 by John Garrigues

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Point out the Way originates from stenographic notes taken at an 
informal Ocean class held in the early 1930s at the Los Angeles ULT.  
The questions were answered by John Garrigues.

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This series of articles are reprinted from THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT magazine,
published by Theosophy Company (India), Ltd., Theosophy Hall, 40 New Marine Lines,
Bombay 400 020 (India). The series ran from January, 1951 through July, 1954. The answers
are based on the Teachings as brought by H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge.
The writings of these two Teachers and those consistent with them, form the basis of study
for those associated with The United Lodge of Theosophists.


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